Q:  What are the Hash House Harriers?  

A:  The HHH is a worldwide social club with over 1,600 chapters distributed among all 7 continents that engages in jogging with some orienteering - ie. not knowing exactly where you're going - followed by socializing.

Q:  I'm out of shape, how far do you run?

A:  Our trails vary but 80% are 3-5 miles (5-7 km) - with faster runners going further due to checks.  The best way to get in shape is to show up!  A fun group & the cold refreshments we provide will be the best motivation!

Q:  Is the Hash a race?

A:  No, it is not a race.  There is always a lot of stopping and starting as the pack (aka the hounds) look for the true trail.  On a well laid trial the fastest and slowest hashers finish around the same time.

Q:  I don't drink beer - is that ok?

A:  You might get some strange looks at first, but so long as you're not a poofter* we'll accept you.  We also have cold water and often soft drinks.  Note, though, that hash cash is $100 pesos whether you choose beer or water.

Q:  So, why the term "hash" in the name?

A:   Sorry but it has nothing to do with hashish (or corned beef)!   The "hash house' was the nickname of the Royal Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya where the founding members regularly ate. 

Q:  What is a "hash name"?

A:   It's a nickname earned by a hasher after several hashes & setting his/her first trail - chosen to highlight an odd trait or gaffe while protecting their true identity.  Until then, newcomers are known by "Just" plus their 'nerd-names' - those names bestowed upon them by their mothers and which don't reflect their personality at all.

* A poofter in hashing = 1) a whiner, 2) a poseur - someone who hangs around the hash but is not really a hasher,       3) a non-contributor in general, 4) a hasher who stops @ circle checks & waits for others to solve the trail...