What to expect @ your 1st hash ***

Hashing is a non-competitive form of running with the objective being to figure out a pre-set trail while working up a decent thirst.  A hash run is not a race, however, & emphasis is placed on having fun!   

We generally meet at a park chosen by the hares (those who have laid out that week’s route) for quick introductions & a warm up, then the pack sets off looking for the trail (marked by blobs of flour or chalk) with the front runners shouting "ON, ON!" to indicate the trail & motivate the slower r*nners behind them.

Every 500-750 meters hares will mark "checks" with a large circle on the ground.  There, front runners (FRBs)  must scout ahead to find the correct trail - which can be in any direction - eliminating false trails (marked by an "X"). Checks give the stragglers a chance to catch up & regroup while more fit members run further.

The end of the trail is marked by the words “ON IN” - indicating that our ice chest is near.  After taking a cold  drink, we gather for our "closing circle”– a hashing tradition involving special songs & drinking down-downs to recognize hares, newcomers & any exceptional occurrences on trail... & on special occasions naming a hasher.

Our hash run are usually 5-7 Kms but due to regular stops to search for the true trail & occasional beer checks, it's much more interesting than a  non-stop training run.  The total distance is determined by the hares & each hasher's condition (faster hashers run further while slower ones run less - benefitting from the checks being resolved) so, again, all are welcome regardless of age or condition for it´s not a race... 

If this sounds intriguing, come and see if for yourself!  Just arrive a bit early to the opening circle, say hi to someone & just follow him/her and the pack´s shouts of "on-on"...   You will wish you had joined us sooner!

*** The description above is for those with a r*nning problem, but a good part of the SNDN3 are NOT as eager   to sweat & burn calories yet still want to join in the fun, singing & drinking @ the end so they WALK a shorter route.  Both groups - the harriers & the wankers - usually arrive to the ice chest around the same time. ***

So who are the hares??? 

After you've joined us a few times, you'll start to recognize a good hash trail & will want to try haring - a requirement to get a hash name.  Read the SDNH3 haring guide (& Swiss, Catalan, or UK guides?) & be on     the lookout for interesting locations/obstacles, then talk to our Hare raiser - TastetheTrUker - who will partner you with a veteran hare...