Wear what you like to your 1st hash, but after than don't expect us to be impressed if you show up wearing one from a 10K race or Just Do It t-shirts... that'll be an invitation for a down-down!  Instead, bring an extra $150+ pesos to buy a quality SDNH3 shirt which you can wear with pride.   Contact our haberdasher for yours!

More SDNH3 shirts, caps (& possibly shorts?) coming soon...

Once you logged 10 runs with us, you will be awarded your own SDNH3 drinking vessel FREE ~


Sow on patches - 50 Pesos


                                                                                                                    Dry Fit style t-shirts - 250 Pesos

                      Stylish Dryfit t-shirts w/ collar! Were $250 now only $150  Personalized your for $100 more