Become a hasher in Monterrey, then hash your way around the world...

Every hash is different but this video gives a tate of what our "mother hash" is like today:

Travel Channel in Kuala Lumpur - host Samantha Brown learns a few hashing traditions on her 1st hash...

CNN Report on Hashing:

North and South American Hash Clubs - from Alaska to Argentina...

Mexico City Hash House Harriers - founded in 1983, meet every Sunday, often on bikes & outside DF

San Miguel de Allende Hash House Harriers - meet Mondays, walker-friendly

Panama Hash House Harriers (en español) - host of the next InterAmericas Hash in 2012

Lima Hash House Harriers - this large hash is described @

Brazil Nuts Hash House Harriers  (São Paulo)

Washington, DC Area Hashes - our fine lineage stems from one of the 14 hashes here ***

San Antonio Hash House Harriersmeet every Sunday afternoon

Houston Hash House Harriers - multiple options - including a "cyclohash"

San Diego Hash House Harriers - birthplace of the Red Dress Run in 1988

Roster of European Hash Clubs - hash in the 23 official languages of the EU!

Barcelona Hash House Harriers

London-area Hash House Harriers - drink a pint of ale with the founders of the "hares & hounds" game...

Hong Kong-area Hash House Harriers

Before you go, familiarize yourself with these down-down songs:

Hash Songbook - most are in English, a few en francais... missing our composiciones en español!

And finally, for a more humorous take on Hashing: