Grand MasterPubic Affairs       Runs the SDNH3 opening & closing circles and various administrative duties.                                                            Usually gets blamed for anything that goes wrong… 

Religious Advisor - Granny Foreskin   The RA is in charge of Circle, blessing the Hash, Hares and Beer &                                                              settling disputes over tradition.  Considered responsible for the weather.

Hash CashPubic Affairs      Collects hash cash & keeps records of trail attendance for purpose of awards.

Hash FlashHares & P.A.       Takes photos to chronicle the events and misdeeds of the kennel

Hash Scribe -  Open!          Chronicle the events and misdeeds of the kennel - for those who didn't make it                                                                    ....or just plain don't remember & want to relive it!

HaberdasherPubic Affairs       Designs & sells t-shirts, vessels, mementos, etc. to promote our fine group.

Beer MeisterSmooth Sticks    Unquestionably the most critical role: supplying each hash with sufficient                                                                              **cold beer & snacks*** &, if the´re money left over, soda & water.

Trail Master –  TastetheTrUker    Ensures that hares are lined up to set a new trail for each hash and                               & Hare Raiser                       that the start location is published in advance of the big day.                                      

Song Meister Boyz Conexion?    Responsible for supplying circle with the right song at a moments notice.


Happy Hour - Stained Shorts     Selects a fitting place to socialize with fellow hashers on non-hash weeks.

Web Master - Mommy I´m cumming!   Our PR guy...

 Grandmaster Emeritus - Chris "Semen on the Pew" Church                                      Gay Gandalf & Guacamole Bay










GrandMaster, Hash Flash & Haberdasher - PubicAffairs                          














Beer Meister - Smooth Stick &                                        Trail master & Hare Raiser - Taste the TrUker






Song Meister - Boyz Connexión